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Zac Brown Band Tour 2015 Is Going Strong Buy Your Concert Tickets Today

It’s quite an amazing time to be a country music fan in the USA. There are so many fantastic acts that fans had to choose from when looking to go to a live show. Checking out the Zac Brown band tour is definitely one choice that won’t go wrong. These guys are one of the hottest acts in America at the moment.

Tickets For Most Of Their Dates Are Still Available

Simply check out the list of events that we have in the list just after this paragraph. We’ve got each and every date that has been publicly announced by these hot country stars. If they release any more dates we will be sure to add it to our schedule immediately.

The Zac Brown Band Tour Comes On The Release Of A Brand-New Album Called ‘Jekyll + Hyde’

One of the things that the band prides itself on the most is that their music is very diverse. This inspired the album title for their latest release Jekyll plus Hyde. The album was already released back at the beginning of May 2015 and it marks a change for the band in a plot of different ways. They’ve partnered up with several new companies like big machine label group and Southern ground. In the new music they’ve created is unlike anything they have released before.

They are not content with simply repeating a tried-and-true formula, they constantly test the boundaries of what their musical sound can do. While you’ll still be able to recognize the distinctive flavor that makes these guys the stars that they are, they have definitely gone into different directions that fans may have not expected. One of their goals with the new album was to write some music unlike anything they have produced in the past. Many fans and critics alike are certainly going to be surprised with the new tunes.

Their new album has 16 tracks, among them is a collaboration with Chris Cornell who is from audio slave and Soundgarden fame. He sings with the band on a song that is called “Heavy Is the Head”. They also perform a duet with Sara Bareilles who is a renowned singer-songwriter in the pop music world. Hand-in-hand with their brand-new Jekyll and Hyde album, the Zac Brown band also began their Stadium tour in North America.

The first show that they played was at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on May 1. They are going to be playing tons of other stadiums like the Wrigley Field in Chicago and the Fenway Park in Boston. These are just a few of the stops that they are going to make with many other stadiums being on the schedule. This is going to be the first chance that anyone will have to hear the new songs played live.

You Can Count On The Zac Brown Band Tour To Never Be Boring

When you go to a live concert from this group, you know that it’s going to be an exciting time. Many other country musicians sound pretty much the same across the majority of their catalog, but these guys have such a diverse sound that you won’t have a single goal moment during the show. They span genres like gospel, country, big band, rock, and soul. They are just another country act they have the musical chops to play any genre that they wish. And this certainly is a crowdpleaser, as everyone who attends a concert will certainly get a bit of their favorite style.

Here's a pic of the 2015 lineup.
Here’s a pic of the 2015 lineup.

Even when you feel like a few of their songs sounded a bit too similar, though suddenly makes it up with one of their funkier tracks like “Day For The Dead”. The band certainly knows how to tailor their set list to keep things upbeat for the entire night. Not only will you hear the full range of original Zac Brown band material, they will be lighting up the stage with a diverse array of covers from some of their favorite artists. During their 2015 tours they then driving crowds crazy by playing Enter Sandman from Metallica. This has been such a hit with the fans that at each new concert it’s pretty much a given that they are going to play it. That is if they want to keep the crowd happy anyway!

The Zac Brown band doesn’t just come out on the stage for an hour or hour and a half when you see them perform in person, you can expect to be treated to around three hours of amazing country music. They will certainly churn through almost every song on their new album Jekyll plus Hyde. They’ve only played a handful of shows so far during their newest concert tour, but it’s already clear that these guys are in top form and have their set list down to a science.

A New Stage That Will Blow The Crowd Away

You won’t see another stage quite like this at any other show! This stage is three tiers high and is dripping in lights. They have so many lights on this stage that is actually able to act as a sort of screen to play all sorts of beautiful imagery. On the top tier you’ll see their percussionists Chris Fryar and Daeniel de los Reyes along with an entire brass horn section. Rocking out on all three stages as they please you’ll see the two main headliners of the band Coy Bowles in the big Brown himself. They need plenty of room to rock out the way that top rocking legends should.

Brown’s voice sounded clear and consistent during the entire show. And he didn’t have too much trouble getting some of the higher notes on the more demanding songs like “Colder Weather”. With proper care and not going to crazy on some of their rowdier songs such as “Remedy” they should be able to maintain this level of performance throughout the entire seven month tour.

A Set List For The Ages

At most of the shows they are playing about 30 songs, with the majority of them, or at least half being from their new album Jekyll + Hyde. The rest of the songs are made up of covers and sometimes they bring along special guests to play some of their signature songs.

  • Toes
  • One Day
  • Uncaged
  • Remedy
  • Chicken Fried
  • Castaway
  • Heavy Is the Head
  • Beautiful Drug
  • Sweet Annie
  • Colder Weather
  • Keep Me in Mind
  • Tomorrow Never Comes
  • Day for the Dead
  • Loving You Easy
  • Homegrown
  • Knee Deep
Tons Of Surprise Guest Stars

You can never be quite sure what other bands or musicians are going to take the stage at a Zac Brown band concert unannounced. At their kickoff show in Nashville they had a new face in the country seen Drake White plain old Alan Jackson song. They also had stars like the world-famous Jewel. She’s as experienced as they come when it comes to performing music. She sang with the band on the track “Dress Blues”, which is a song that she also sings with them on on the official album. That’s not all though! They also brought out Kid Rock to perform “Love the One You’re With”. This all happened at a single concert!

h5>Lots Of Crowd Interaction And Fantastic Production Values

Zac Brown band tickets don’t only guarantee you an awe-inspiring live show filled with all of your favorite songs from the band, as well as covers from other world-famous artists. They also have a lot of fun with the fans in the crowd. For example they have confetti cannons that shoot out huge amounts of confetti during different points of the show. But this is the only kind of canon that they have on hand, oh no!

They will also be launching tons of T-shirts into the crowd with their own personal T-shirt cannons! They usually do these kinds of things during downtime. So while their changing from an electric to an acoustic set up, or while the band has a mid-show intermission, you can expect a lot of entertainment even when the band is taking a short break or changing up set.

What’s Currently Going On With The Zac Brown Band Tour?

They are currently preparing to play shows on the West Coast and in the Midwest. They’ve got to dates scheduled for Ozark Arizona just before the beginning of July. After that they are going to hit some dates around the Midwest playing in states like Colorado, Washington, and Utah. After that they are going to jet straight over to the East Coast and play at venues like Fenway Park and the amphitheater Northwest. Once they finish up their dates and places like Hershey Pennsylvania and Saratoga Springs New York on the East Coast, they will finish things up on their 2015 tour over on the West Coast.

How Much Do Zac Brown Band Tickets Cost?

This is an excellent question and one very important to all the concert goers I’m sure.

The great news is there’s a ticket range for everyone. Whether you want to be out in the grass and pay $30 to see the show, or if you want to purchase a VIP package that will get you a meet and greet with the band and access to a special VIP only area at the show, there is a package to accommodate you. You can look above at the list of seats that are still there, there’s very likely to be a ticket with your name on it!

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